Published in Phrack!

Finally, Phrack#63 is out! And my article on runtime binary encryption is inside!

I have to admit that I didn't believe that what I had described in the article can really be done. For quite some time I was intrigued by the idea, but every time I was thinking too much about the code design. You know, sit down to think about register allocation, how to organize the program etc. Every such attempt was entirely fruitless.

After few such futile attempts, one day I sat down and told to myself "now you are going to write code". I cannot describe my thought process at that point. I guess I was just trying to reproduce the steps CPU does when executing code: fetch, decode, execute, go to fetch. I had the image of what I want to program and I was just typing code... Correct code. It took me only a week to code and debug the main decryption routine. If you look at the code, there are many comments.. more than the actual code. They were very helpful. Whenever I discovered a discrepancy between the comment and the code, I have closely examined it and found a bug.. sometimes in the code, and sometimes in the comment.

In total, the initial version had only 5 bugs in total for which I had to run the program in the debugger. One was in XDE disassembler (not mine code), one was a typo (loading from address 0 instead constant 0), two of them were related to context switching. One led me to realize that indirect jump targets have to be calculated with traced registers... I don't remember the another. The last bug was forgetting to adjust the C stack before leaving the decryption function. I was amazed at myself how could I write such complicated code with so few errors.

Unfortunately, it has come to my mind a bit too late that I could ask the Phrack staff for an author copy of the hardcover edition. All 1000 of them have been handed out on What The Hack, and few of them will be available at Ruxcon in Australia which, unfortunately, I can't attend. Oh well.

The text published in Phrack is updated quite a bit from the (now outdated) version available on my site. Soon I'm going to update the PDF there.

In the meantime, another weird idea related to code encryption has come to my mind. In short, the decryptor can decrypt another decryptor which, in turn, decrypts the real code. Soon I'm going to vacation so I hope to catch some time to experiment with it. The results will be of course published :)

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