Enforcing mandatory exercise at work

I'm working in a large but low (only 4 floors) building with many printers. Today I came upon a slightly evil idea. Instead of letting people choose the printer on which to print their documents, the administrators should arrange the system to choose the destination printer randomly. Benefits would be twofold:

  1. People would be forced to walk longer distances, which is healthy. This is beneficial especially for people working at computers, sitting most of their working hours.

  2. I also guess that paper would be saved: in order to avoid the previous point, people would avoid printing stuff unless they absolutely have to.

To make the first point most effective, people should be locked out of elevators, except disabled people which would get their own "elevator key".


Assembler as a first "language" ?

I participated recently in a discussion where someone suggested to teach programming to beginners with assembler as the first language. There were far many more negative than positive reactions. My opinion is that assembler is just a tool to show concepts in practice. If used properly, it serves as well as any other tool (ie. high-level programming language). Here are Knuth's reasons for using assembler in his TAOCP books.

Now, I agree that it is much harder to make a good course with assembler - topics, examples and problems must be chosen much more carefully than for a high-level programming language. And x86 is a wrong choice as a first architecture - something like Knuth's MMIX or the MIPS architecture would be much better.

Bottom line is that, while there are admittedly many traps, I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with such approach. Your opinions?