C++ std::vector problems

Inspired by a usenet discussion, I have described some problems in the current C++ definition and implementation of allocators and vectors. You can read more about it here.



Few links

Few days ago I stumbled upon this very nice and high-quality blog about math. This is another useful link with the FXT book and algorithm library. I'm amazed what some people generously give out for free.



Another GPL rant

You might already know that I'm less than a fan of GPL. Here is another view on the issue.



New stuff...

Soon I'm traveling to Portugal to attend the ICDCS 2006 conference. Related to this, I have put some new stuff on core-dump, my web site.

Now I'm a bit in between.. Maintaining a blog at blogger, and putting "more serious" stuff at core-dump. I've been thinking to continue writing the blog at core-dump, but somehow it doesn't feel "right". I like to keep the distinction between "serious" and "not serious" stuff. Any comments on that?