Unexpected behavior of std::bitset in visual studio 2008

I was writing code for generating prime numbers up to 10^9 (one billion) by sieve of Erathosthenes. So I created a class containing a member of type std::bitset<1000000000> and created an instance of the sieve class within the main function (i.e., allocated on the stack).

When I ran the program, it crashed with stack overflow. Since VC in debug mode implements stack overflow checking, the stack trace was not very helpful -- the program crashes within the _chkstk function. But in my simple test program, the only possible cause of stack overflow could be the instance of the sieve class which contains the bitset member. After lowering the sive's limit to 1000, the program worked fine. It was kinda surprising to learn that std::bitset, unlike std::vector, internally uses an array instead of dynamically allocated storage. (I confirmed this conjecture also by reading the source code of in the corresponding header file.)

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