The meaningless school...

Now, midst in the financial crisis, I've gotten interested in how the economy works in general. Like, the stock market, how can perpetual economic growth be sustainable (in the long run it's exponential), etc. I would also like to know about things that are relevant for real life, like loan calculations, nominal and effective interest rates, forms of long-term savings, etc. And I know zilch about these things.

These things should be a part of basic high-school education. But no, we've been (and today's pupils are still being) overloaded with a bunch of meaningless historical and geographical facts that can be looked up in any online or offline encyclopedia. Among other meaningless stuff that is mostly irrelevant for the practical side of living in the modern world.

Currently I'm busy with writing my PhD, but first priorities on my reading list (after having finished the PhD) are introductory books in macroeconomy, capitalism, and game theory.

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pramadesa said...

Good luck with your PhD thesis sir.
By the way, it would be great if you can post your view/summary about economics here. :)