Visual Studio 2008, take 2

Recently I've been extensively working with multithreading in C++, with pthread API, so the code is not portable to Windows. Since I want to get some experience with Windows programming and Visual studio (my holiday project :)), I decided to try out Boost.Thread, which is a portable multi-threading library.

So I downloaded Boost 1.37, the bjam executable for NT, read through the boost getting started manual, compiled the necessary libraries in 32-bit and 64-bit mode as well as a small test application. The process has been surprisingly painless -- it took me about one hour from downloading bjam to having a working test application that comes along with Boost.Thread.

Another reason for wanting to have a portable application is that it is painful to develop over a remote connection to unix server. A compromise solution, which I've been practicing lately, is setting up shared folders with Virtualbox, editing the code with XEmacs, and compiling/testing in the virtual machine. This kinda works, but does not make the code portable :)

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