Another look on climate change

"This has been the warmest winter ever", "We must reduce CO2 at all costs", etc. You can hear such things pretty often today. But take another perspective: the global warming, which caused the warmest winter 'ever' (highly doubtful), also saved huge amounts of energy that would otherwise be spent on heating. Less energy used on heating means less generated CO2 this winter. Why doesn't anyone mention that?


Anonymous said...

But on summer will use all that "saved" energy for cooling.

Anonymous said...

This "global warming" phenomenon is actually quite useful in one aspect: it demonstrates how little things have changed in the "scientific community" since 1600 - perhaps today questioning the conventional wisdom will only get you cut from the research grants and peer reviewed publications, instead of being burned alive at Campo de' Fiori - but the sad fact remains: the crowd of "scientists" that is prepared to blindly serve their political and religious masters (and there is no doubt in my mind that "environmentalism" is now a religion) is just as large, and those that demand hard facts and scientific methods are just as rare today as they were then.