Free Trac + Subversion hosting?

A simple question: can someone point me to free(-ish) trac+subversion hosting? I will set up a public project to start community development of BSD-licensed smart-card daemon in order to replace SCD that comes bundled with gnupg2.

As you might remember, many posts ago I have been criticizing Werner Koch's policy about refusing to include PKCS#11 support in scd. I've received enough mails from other users agreeing that his policy is not reasonable w.r.t. this feature.

I'm working on this project solely in my free time (which is not abundant as it is, and often gets spent on other things). I hope to draw in about 2-3 more developers interested in low-level crypto programming so that we can jointly finish the task in our free time. Reward? None, except for the joy of programming and later fame :) [OK, it can also be a good reference in the future when looking for a job, and might even draw in some commercial funding in the future.]


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Jeff Lindsay said...

I know this is an old post, but I wanted to mention DevjaVu if you're still looking or at least for future reference. Free, no BS Trac and SVN. ;)