I had the opportunity to talk on IRC with the programmer of this fractal generator. In the course of discussion, I came to the following idea: program the GPU to calculate mandelbrot zoom animation in real-time and set that animation as the desktop wallpaper. It'd be the coolest desktop ever seen (IMHO, much cooler than the current xgl hype). I believe that current GPUs are powerful enough to perform this task.

Of course, the most fun part would be GPU programming.



Unknown said...

I tried to put some animations for my desktop wallpaper (as GIF), and I removed it instantly. It just has no practical value, and annoyes a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know, if it is possible to use the GPU for calculations of classic (static) zoom images of the Mandelbrot set? For example Ultra Fractal supports Multi Core, but the power of the GPU is ignored.