Public message to mr. Fabrice Bellard, author of qemu

Mr. Bellard, I think that I have found a bug in the version 0.8.0 of qemu. I'm testing a custom kernel and when qemu encounters the clflush instruction it just hangs. Contact me if you are interested in details. I guess you can find my email address easier than I could find yours.

Rationale: I'm sick and tired of damned forums and mailing lists. Mr. Bellard didn't leave his contact details anywhere on qemu's web site or in the source files. I wanted to report this bug, but it seems that I have to post it on some qemu forum/mailing list for which, of course, I have to first register. I'm sick and tired of those bloody registrations which I use only once and never again. So if he sees this message OK, if not, well.. his problem.

Oh yes, please, if some of you are subscribed to the qemu's forum or mailing list, I would appreciate it if you draw mr. Bellard's attention to this post.



Anonymous said...

I don't get it. If you go to http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr, you will see, at the end of the page:

   If you have any questions or suggestions,
   write to fabrice at bellard dot org

It seems that Mr. Bellard's email address is hardly hidden—it took less than a minute to find using google.

zvrba said...

1. I didn't stumble upon his "real" homepage, 2. I was looking for it only on the qemu homepage and couldn't find it there. I was tired and fed up.

IMHO, if he went to trouble to make a homepage for qemu, he could have put his email there too, and not force people look for it in other places.

Anonymous said...

But aren't his qemu pages simply subpages of his "real" homepage? I agree that he could have made his mail address more transparent for someone simply browsing the qemu pages, but your post made it seem as if he was deliberately hiding it, which I believe is not the case.