Blogger ate my post!

Yesterday I was typing my post, and blogger ate it! Well, almost. I had to stop my typing so I saved the text as draft. Usually I copy the text from the browser into some local scratch file before submitting it. Yesterday I forgot to do that. When I returned to continue editing the draft - no text was there! Today I tried to make a test post, with the same result. All of this I did using the Opera browser.

So I tried to publish something using Firefox - and it worked. It wouldn't be so surprising if I had not published 3-4 posts previously with Opera.

The conclusion - Google/Blogger made some changes in the meantime, and they've caused Opera to be unusable for publishing blogs! Time to contact them, if possible.


Anders Brenna said...

I've had the same problem, twice this weekend. And since they are shutting out Opera users from Adwords and Adsense, I expect this is on purpose.

What happened to "Don't be evil"?

zvrba said...

OK, I've sent them a bug report and received a confirmation. I'll wait for few days to see what happens. I'm considering two options:
1. publish by email
2. collect all my posts, shut down my blog at blogspot and move it elsewhere. (I have my private domain, so I might as well start using it more :))

On their "supported browsers" list, Opera 7.5 is still on the list.