apt-get remove ubuntu

I am seriously considering this step. Replacement - Slackware or back to FreeBSD.

Some packages in the distribution are too old (e.g. tetex-2 when there is tetex-3 available), and some programs are configured at compile-time in a way that does not fit my needs (e.g. bochs without the internal debugger).

The worst thing is that the default installation does not install most of the needed development packages (e.g. X11 headers) so you have to download them from the net. They are not even present on the distribution CD! On top of all, since early in the morning, my local time, ubuntu repositories are down, so I can't get the packages I need.

Most of the other software I can compile myself, but I'm missing the critical part which I'd really rather not install on my own - X11 headers. Other SW that I need (or, better said, must, because of inadequate configuration) to compile on my own, depends on X11 headers.

I don't want to keep ranting on.. I can just conclude that I've never experienced so much frustration with any system on my destkop (I've tried FreeBSD and several flavors of linux) as with Ubuntu. And things that I've mentioned here you can't really blame on the beta.

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Anonymous said...

I am eager to test the next stable release of Ubuntu (5.10?) because of recent reviews and praises by Linux community, but I also fear that one CD will not contain large number of packages I use very often. And I don't have a broadband connection to download swarm of packages I need every day ;)