Windows Research Kernel

This is interesting: Microsoft gives out the NT kernel source for academic, non-profit use. Too bad I don't have much time to play with it a bit; I've always been impressed by the very NT kernel (which is itself VMS-ish). More details here. A related project is ProjectOZ, a platform (simulator) for teaching principles of operating systems.


sainath said...

hi there,

great to know your are kernel /OS guy

i would like to get Windows research kernel , but i do not have MSDNA subscription.

do you have your own copy of it

U.W.D.Dhananjaya said...


i need that kernel Mr. but i havent a MSDNA subs can you send it to me dedunumax@hotmail.com

zvrba said...

A: I do not have WRK. B: Even if I had it, I wouldn't give it away, as that would (most probably) be breach of licensing terms. So all of you: stop asking for it.