Intel's (foul) marketing

This page tries to show the superiority of Intel's latest processors over Opteron. Of course, the largest bar (= the best result) represents Intel's processor. The important fine-print about configuration details is well-hidden below. Namely the configuration with Xeon 5160 (best result) has:
  • 64GB memory vs. Opteron's 32GB,
  • runs at 400MHz higher frequency

More fair comparison is the Xeon 5080 vs. Opteron. Namely, the difference in results is too small given the huge difference in processor frequencies - Xeon 5080 runs at 1.1GHz higher frequency than Opteron (Xeon@3.7GHz vs. Opteron@2.6GHz). Maybe the flashy graph is enough to convince managers in "superiority" of Intel's technology, but it didn't convince me.


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Anonymous said...

That makes me REALLY not like Intel. If you look even closer, you will also notice that the new Xeon's are both configured with 64-bit Windows, and 64-bit SQL Server, whereas the AMD only gets 32-bit of both.

Nice, intel.