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This post is a bit different from previous ones. This one is about a specific political issue and the arrogant attitude of the Catholic church towards inhabitants of Travno. Travno is a part of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. There is a big residential building (largest in Croatia) inhabited by around 5000 people. The building has a large green park by its side, as you can see from the pictures on the link. The large picture on the frontpage says "Light the candle - here is where the democracy is dying".

Namely, the church insists on building the church in the middle of the park where many children play (thus, destroying about 1/3 of its area) despite the protests (one was held yesterday) of the Travno inhabitants, despite the fact that there is available "non-grass" space at the same distance, and despite the critique of many architects. Neither the politicians nor the church listen to their suggestions. They are are accused of being "anti-christians" and the leader of the inhabitants has even been threatened by death a few months before.

The inhabitants are not against the church building itself, they just don't want it to be in the middle of the park. And with so many large concrete buildings, this residential block needs the park. And very near there is available space for the church. However, neither the church nor the Zagreb's town council, currently lead by Milan Bandic (BTW, he has been caught for driving while being drunk), will listen to the will of the people. The democracy is truly dying in Travno. That park is really beautiful and I hope that politicians will at last start hearing the will of the people they are supposed to serve.

For those who understand croatian, this is the link to the news article.

Please help spread the word about this! The picture above is in support of inhabitants of Travno. Many bloggers have also organized themselves in support of the Travno inhabitants. The text on the picture says: "I plead bloggers to take this candle to their blogs. Let the world see that there still exist people who remember how does the grass look like, how does it feel to play on the lawn, who are against asphalt and concrete.. Let the world see how many of us there are!" At the bottom is "Action to save green surfaces", and in the bottom-left corner "Citizens' initiative".


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ipozgaj said...

I'm in full support of those people.